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Thursday, July 22, 2010


How to clean a computer from unwanted files
These are the following common locations where I would prefer you to delete unnecessary files. This can
speed up the operating system and help system to reduce the time it takes to run virus scans or defrag the computer.

The TEMP directory

1. An easy way to get there is to type “temp” in run command.

2. Press Ctrl-A to highlight everything in the right hand panel and press Shift-Delete.

3. This deletes them permanently and doesn't send them to the Recycle Bin .

How to delete unwanted files in browser

For IE 8
1. GOTO Tools .

2. Select Internet Options.

3. Under Browsing History -> Delete button

4. We typically only delete Temporary Internet files and History. Why we usually leave Cookies means since they often contain information for web sites so frequent that we don't want to enter in every time.


1. Tools

2. Clear Recent History (Ctrl-Shift-Del)

3. Click on Detail

4. Select the Time range to clear

5. Check only those items you want to clear

6. Click on the Clear Now button

Google Chrome

1. Click on the tools icon on the upper right hand corner

2. Select Clear Browsing Data (Ctrl-Shift-Del)

3. Check what you want to clear

4. Select the period of time you want to clear the data

Click on the Clear Browsing Data button…

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